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Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels: Considerations Best Methods

Jul 24

Solar shingles have caused a debate among solar energy consumers about solar panels in comparison to. solar shingles. The first solar shingles came out in 2005. They were recently installed at home. Homeowners have a new decision to make when switching to solar. We've compiled the top concerns to be aware of before deciding on whether to install solar panels or shingles. Each solar option comes with its own advantages as well as drawbacks.

What exactly are Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are small-scale panels that can be permanently attached to the roof of a home. Solar shingles are also called solar roof tiles, or solar roofing. Solar shingles work similarly to solar panels that use an array of photovoltaic cells to produce solar energy. They must be connected to an inverter so they can be used off- or the grid.


Are Solar Shingles more expensive than solar Panels?

Since the year 2011, the price of solar roof tiles has decreased since their first public installation. They are now about 50% of what they were originally. However, they remain quite expensive when compared with solar panels. A solar roof made by Phoenix will cost you $21.5 per square foot, according to Phoenix's company. The total cost for a roof for one hundred square feet of space will be $36,550 including installation costs. This price can be reduced with rebates and tax credits from the federal government. For exact pricing, please get in touch with us.


A new solar system could be considered a home renovation because it boosts the value of your home. This is the case for solar shingles and solar panels. Studies have also shown that PV systems are sold more quickly than other homes. This benefit can be incorporated into the total cost of the system by homeowners when they do cost-benefit analyses.


Increased Lifespan

Solar panel north Las Vegas installer claim that you don't need to change your solar roof shingles for 30 years. Solar panels are shorter in time frame of 20 to 25 years. Solar shingles are not yet proved to last for long.

Environmental Impact

It doesn't matter if you choose solar panels or solar tiles solar power is a great option to save the planet. Solar systems make use of renewable energy to power homes and businesses. The community will be less dependent on fossil fuels as more people shift to solar energy. Choosing solar shingles can aid in the continuation of this trend of more homes being bought and sold equipped with solar roofing. You always need to choose Advosy Energy for the best solutions for your needs all the way.


A shiny appearance

One reason to choose solar shingles vs solar panels is their contemporary appearance. Solar shingles are seamlessly integrated into the design of the roof. The solar shingles are made to blend in and reflect the look of asphalt shingles. This can be a great advantage for individuals who want solar energy without the look of solar panels. Solar shingles are currently available with the same color offered for solar panels, including blue and black.


Are Solar Shingles right for me?

Now it's time to weigh the benefits and costs for yourself. If you are an individual who is always on top of technological advancements solar roof tiles might be the right option for you. The popularity of solar roofing is expected to grow. If you're looking to purchase solar energy but don't care as much about the appearance or want something cheaper, solar panels are the best way to choose. Whatever option you choose puts you in a great position to provide power to your business or home using solar energy.

Switch to the Switch

Contact us today if have any concerns about the options available. North Las Vegas Energy is a solar panel certified installer within the North las vegas area. Switch to solar now.

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